Timber Productions talent comes from a very diverse range of backgrounds.

Everyone can pick up a microphone and start talking, but not everyone has what it takes to host an event. When you need a stream of never-ending entertainment and some eloquent roasting by a drag professional, you can trust that our talent has you covered. From hosting private events to large-scale corporate parties, no stage is too big or small for one of our kings or queens.

Covered in more colours than the eye can see, you won’t have to worry about getting everyone’s attention when you have an important announcement to make. They will already be so enthralled by the centre stage. And why wouldn’t they? Our drag talent is absolutely fabulous.

Paired with their daring outfits and teased wigs, their booming personalities are sure to get everyone laughing and smiling all night long. It’ll create an atmosphere like no other and make your event one that people want to remember.