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What is Blush?

Blush is fierce, it's fabulous, it’s glitterly glitzy hooray! Whether they like it or not, drag is here to stay. BLUSH is an open queer night where each performer is given 5 minutes to perform a solo of their choice. Following the solo acts, Performers are pre assigned a partner and together can create spectacular performance or battle of the lips, thats right lip sync darlings. And the best part is that we’re are all winners!

Blush is an all inclusive LGBTQI+ friendly event. We aim to promote community and self expression in an environment that is encouraging and supportive.

How do you make your money honey?

With BLUSH Dollars …

Blush dollars are a way for you to get tips whilst performing in front of your audiences! Think stripper dollars for Drag Kings and Queens. Audience members have the opportunity to purchase Blush dollars upon arrival at check in and through out the evening. The more people performers bring the more people that have the opportunity to purchase the BLUSH dollars. This in turn increases your chances to make some money whilst performing!

3 BLUSH dollars for $5.
Your Cut – give us 3 BLUSH dollars you get $5 or give us 1 BLIUSH dollar and get $1.50

What’s Next?

If you are still interested in being a part of the BLUSH please fill in the form below and let us know!