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What is Blush?

Blush is fierce, it's fabulous, it’s glitterly glitzy hooray! Whether they like it or not, drag is here to stay. BLUSH is an open queer night where each performer is given 5 minutes to perform a solo of their choice. Following the solo acts, Performers are pre assigned a partner and together can create spectacular performance or battle of the lips, thats right lip sync darlings. And the best part is that we’re are all winners!

Blush is an all inclusive LGBTQI+ friendly event. We aim to promote community and self expression in an environment that is encouraging and supportive.

Why do you become a sponsor?

Increase brand awareness
Reach a wider demographic
Introduce your brand to a new target market
Increase awareness of the LGBTQIA+ Community

What’s Next?

If you are still interested in being a part of the BLUSH family, download the proposal and have a read or just shoot us an email!

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